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  1. It's all about discipline and money management
  2. If you beat the closing number by 1 point (on average) would you hit over 53%?
  3. How many total bets do you place a week?
  4. My rules for turning 'pro gambler', you need 100 Grand and never bet more than 1%-2%
  5. Members List
  6. Win rate, Standard Deviation, Bankroll, and Kelly's Criterion
  7. For $100 - $200 better, how do you recover from a -$1,800 figure?
  8. What is the maximum % of bankroll one should put on a bet?
  9. Which Is Better - Following Or Fading A Handicapper?
  10. just a thought guys....try offshore banking
  11. Jim Thome, Hall of Famer? Masher appears to be back,could still reach 600 bombs
  12. At what AGE are "successful" gamblers in their GAMBLING PRIME?
  13. Give up just ONE secret on how you make money gambling
  14. at what point do you begin to worry about having too much money in your account?
  15. How big does a scalp have to be to pull the trigger?
  16. If you quit your job to become rich, how would you try to do it?
  17. Is the RX bash going to be postponed?
  18. I have just had the best baseball month of my life- here is how
  19. Why is there not an "Ignore Button"?
  20. Who here has made significant money with bonus and online blackjack?
  21. Whats up with people who bet the same amount on every game
  22. RX vs Eog and others...suprising results
  23. Wil are you really fair toward the player?
  24. Scalp/Middle observation...
  25. I Have Decided to Share An Opening Line Numbers Trend System
  26. JoeyFitz has paid...
  27. 10 Things Your Casino Won't Tell You
  28. Question for Full-Time Gamblers?
  29. This is how I cap my games.. How do you?
  30. If you take betting serious- You must have 10+ accounts- reason (tonite) NJ +7
  31. ace-ace servises associations
  32. Is -2.5 and -3.5 a profitable middle in the NBA?
  33. Is this possibile? 54.5%, 30 plays a day and $200 a play- this is 97k profit a year
  34. I don't like these smilies.. Can we change them?
  35. Betting halftimes vs the game spread...Has anyone tried to create a system with this?
  36. With a $10,000 Bankroll, what would your "unit" be?
  37. Who thinks betting on sports is easier than the stock market?
  38. Follow steam in CBB and win- best sport for "smart money"
  39. The Iceman's 4 step plan to create wealth (I need help with 1 and opinions)
  40. How come some people get to have animated avatars
  41. 100 things to avoid as a sports gambler
  42. Share one idea how you could make easy money
  43. can u really make a LIving SPORTS GAMBLING ?
  44. Is there anyway we can get a classics section?
  45. Big believer in varying your bet size over flat betting
  46. System play has changed the way i wager (forever?)
  47. Its time to change the name of this forum
  48. Just curious?
  49. Post links to any threads you want to be judged as Classic in this thread.
  50. "Special Live" Selections! .. Sun .. 6-10-07
  51. In My Opinion You Guarantee Yourself A Profit By Making These 2 Wagers...
  52. (beantownjim is back)
  53. If You Really Like Boston To Win The Series Over The Cavs Here's What You Should Do
  54. The rx`s own tom G (WEARING A RX SHIRT ) wins hotdog eating contest yesterday
  55. Blake Griffin To Win 2010/2011 NBA Rookie Of Year - If You Play Futures Lay This Now
  56. Post links to any threads you want to be judged as Classic in this thread.
  57. Value In Miami Heat +150 To Win Series/Title Over Oklahoma City
  58. Bombing in Boston - Marathon halted
  59. photos of classic Las Vegas