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Thread: playing poker online for money

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    does anyone have any experience with playing poker online for money. can one make a living
    playing. horse racing got too tough for me with the computer players and i can't go back to my
    old reliable poker in person. my wife would not survive the covid. even with vaccine.
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    Yes, I've played poker as a living for 15 years both live and online. Now I just play as a side gig how people drive uber for extra money. That's a loaded question you ask. Can you make a living playing? I guess that depends on what you mean by living. To make a middle class paycheck each week I would say not possible unless 1) You are a really good player and 2) You have the BR to play 2/5 online. You would need at least 10k and you can go through that. I've had 10k runs down many times.

    Now, can you make $50/day and pay your mortgage? Yea, you can. I do. I pay my property taxes every year through my online play. It's like not having that bill, which is a pretty big bill cause I live in NJ and we have high property taxes in this state. I play three games of .50 cent/$1 at one time. That provides variance and allows me to see lots and lots of hands in a few hours. I'd have to play 12 - 15 hours live to see the same amount. Now, the stakes are not big. Avg pots are under $5 but because I get volume of hands it adds up. I've won $400 or more in a session before and I've also lost $300. But on avg I'm + $50 - $75/session.

    Once you go above .50/$1 the play takes a big jump up. 1/2 is beatable but the swings of 1/2 online is like playing 2/5 live. If you can take that kind of exposure, go for it but have 5k to start cause you have to survive swings.

    What I'd do is put $100 on. Go play five cent/ten cent and start there. It'll take time but if you can beat that game then the money will build. The play at the level is very tight passive which is the easiest style to defeat in poker. They only raise the turn and river when they have it and they will just be a calling station with marginal hands. If you can turn the $100 into $500 then go up to .10/.25 and when you get to 1k go to .25/.50 and when you have $2,500 go to .50/1. That's where I play and I always keep 2 - 3k in my account but as soon as I get above three grand I send for the money.

    There are also some tournaments that have value, depends on where you play. Every site has their tourneys that have like a $50 or $100 buy in and will have like a 150 or 200 field which isn't bad. I've taken down a quite a few of those over years. I play on WSOP.
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