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Thread: Bill Walton encounter at local tribal casino

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    Saw Bill Walton at Gameday sports bar at a local tribe casino, said "Hi!" - he ignored me. Saw him in bathroom later and said "it bring back memories does it," he smiled as we wash hands together and says "It sure does!" Too awkward to ask for selfie or his thoughts on his son's Golden State Warriors vs Spurs--- but I wanted to so bad!

    Then F yeah, I sat with Bill Walton because my brain tick about questions I had when I met him in bathroom. Still no courage take selfie with him. But he sitting there alone so I politely asked if I can join him for a few.

    He was short and curt with answers unlike when he used to commentate on games. We discussed refs and home court advantage, especially on weekends. Popovich strategy neutralizing Curry in gsw/Spurs game. Was going to clown his alliteration commentary but I held back along with asking his thoughts on Chris Webber's commentary.

    Yeah he knew I'm younger generation, I called him Mr . Walton. Didn't want to over extend my welcome so I bailed when I got him to smile.

    I made a NBA legend smile twice, and I'm not a hot bitch with an ass that tastes like vanilla ice cream!!!!
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