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    This week I was playing BlackJack at Bovada. After I won a few hands things started to happen. The cards kept dealing until I lost (went over 21). When I complained to customer service and demanded a refund I was told that the refund will never happen and that is just to damn bad. I quickly requested a payout of my entire balance of over $5000.00 Soon I received a phone call and was asked to reconsider. I said " that will never happen and that is just to damn bad." Their rep asked why I was so rude to her and I told her that I was just repeating what another Bovada rep said to me. I was told that I was not telling the truth.

    I related this story to my mailing list and asked if they would withdraw their money from Bovada. Surprisingly, over 1000 list members told me that they have requested a refund and that my experience with their casino is not unusual.

    I am so surprised with Bovada. It us to be my number two place to wager. Not anymore.
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    I have mega horror stories about these online sports books/casinos
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