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Thread: Albert Ramos to beat Paolo Lorenzi <Extensive Analysis and Prediction>

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    Semifinal of the ATP Quito (Clay)
    Tennis Majors is investing the daily full capital on the following event, that in our opinion is absolutely the best bet of the Semifinal of the ATP Quito and a clear mistake by the bookies.

    Albert Ramos to beat Paolo Lorenzi

    Date: 05 February 2017

    Time: 01.00pm Local Time (07.00pm CET)

    Tournament: ATP Quito

    Event: Albert Ramos vs Paolo Lorenzi

    PICK: Albert Ramos TO WIN
    Odds: 1.60

    Strength: Full Confidence

    Albert Ramosis a 29-years old player from Spain.
    Albert Ramos is the Spanish old school solid clay court baseline player.

    He is an extremely solid player from the baseline, with a decent backhand and a great left-handed forehand, that is not extremely powerful to get a lot of winners but it is not easy to play for the opponent because it gets a lot of spin.

    Also the service is pretty decent, really nothing special, but on clay court it doesn't make so much of a difference.

    Albert won this year a match in Chennai and lost to the opening round of the Australian Open, but for him the season begins now because outside of the clay court his performances are very weak cause he plays too defensively to have a stable great performance on hard surfaces too.

    Here in Quito he won the two matched he played pretty easily against Falla and Carballes.

    Paolo Lorenziis a Serbian 35-years old player from Italy.
    Lorenzi has achieved his best results on his late years and he has a very atypical tennis, because he had his best results on clay but he doesn't have a proper clay court tennis, because he bases his best performances on a great service and a decent offensive tennis, he doesn't really have a low power to make plenty of winners, but he goes often to the net too, always trying to make the point shorter.

    Lorenzi begun the season with decent results, winning a couple of matches in Sidney and Melbourne, surfaces that for him are not so easy to play.

    Here in Quito he won in straight sets his previous matches, but Ebden and Ram on clay are not really worth a lot.

    Style of Play and Solid...

    For Paolo Lorenzi, the Spanish Albert Ramos is one of the worst players to face, because the Spanish is so solid that from the baseline is very hard to beat if you don't have a lot of power and speed on the ball to get the easy winner and for Lorenzi that is not the case.

    Albert Ramos plays 1meter behind the baseline and he tries to get as many balls in play as possible, mostly with his forehand and for Lorenzi to find the key to overcome the Spanish in our opinion will be extremely hard, because playing from the baseline the Spanish is more solid and Lorenzi won't get as many winners as he needs to win the match, on the other side playing offensively and going to the net for the Italian will be hard too because Ramos can make passing shots pretty easily and the surface on this case helps him too.

    Really can't find a way for Lorenzi here, Ramos is just way too solid and in our opinion is the perfect match-up for the Spanish to win this match.

    Bet a solid stakes on Albert Ramos on this match, for us he is going to be the winner of this match and 1.60 is just a big mistake by the bookies.

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