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Thread: Fernando Verdasco to beat Martin Klizan <Extensive Analysis and Prediction>

  1. #1 Fernando Verdasco to beat Martin Klizan <Extensive Analysis and Prediction> 
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    Fernando Verdasco

    1st Round of the ATP Rotterdam (Hard-Indoors)
    Tennis Majors is investing the daily full capital on the following event, that in our opinion is absolutely the best bet of the
    1st Round of the ATP Rotterdam and a clear mistake by the bookies.

    Fernando Verdascoto beat Martin Klizan

    Date: 12 February 2017

    Time: 12.30pm Local Time (12.30pm CET)

    Tournament: ATP Rotterdam

    Fernando Verdascovs Martin Klizan

    PICK:Fernando VerdascoTO WIN
    Odds: 1.70

    Strength: High Confidence

    Fernando Verdascois a 33-years old player from Spain.
    Verdasco is a left-handed very talented player, but with a lot of up and downs also during the same match, mentally not focused all the time.

    He doesn't have a massive service, but being lefty most of the times not easy to return especially serving from the left side of the court.
    He played very good in Doha, reaching the semifinals and losing in 3 sets after leading for most of the match against Djokovic and he has been very unlucky facing Djokovic to the first round of the Australian Open, last week he lost to the second round in Montepellier.

    Martin Klizanis a 27-years old player from Slovakia.

    Martin Klizan is a left-handed player, playing a solid baseline tennis, with a decent effective forehand and a solid backhand.
    He doesn't have a huge talent, but he does everything pretty decent.
    Klizan begun the season badly, losing 3 straight first rounds, last week he won couple of matches and lost to the 1/4 of finals to Basilashvili.


    Being lefty gives you always a kind of edge when you play against a right-handed player, on this case both are left-handed player and normally on these circumstances the better player has a huge advantage to win the match.

    Verdasco has won both matches and leads 2-0, the matches are not extremely indicative, but still mentally to be up 2-0, never losing to the opponent gives you confidence.


    Verdasco is absolutely the better player here, both being lefty gives in our opinion a huge advantage to the Spanish player. The surface is not really the best for any of them, but still in our opinion fits better to Verdasco's tennis.
    Klizan also begun the season not very good, he doesn't have right now a lot of confidence and against a player like Verdasco if he is on the right day you need plenty of it.
    We just see Verdasco sharp on this one.
    Greetings,Tennis Majors
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