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Thread: INSIDER X10 David Ferrer to beat Alexandr Dolgopolov INSIDER X10

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    Welcome to Tennis Majors

    This pick is not based on technical or tactical knowledge about this match.
    It is based on an INSIDER from our group.

    X10 Stakes - Limitless Confidence
    We haveLIMITLESSCONFIDENCE on this pick

    INSIDER Pick X10
    X10David FerrerTo Win

    1st Round of the ATP Rio de Janeiro(Clay)
    Tennis Majors is investing the daily full capital on the following event, that in our opinion is absolutely the best bet of the
    1st Round of the ATP Rio de Janeiroand a clear mistake by the bookies.

    David Ferrerto beatAlexandr Dolgopolov

    Date: 21 February 2017

    Time: 07.30pm Local Time (11.59pm CET)

    Tournament: ATP Rio de Janeiro

    David Ferrervs Alexandr Dolgopolov

    Odds: 1.60


    Alexandr Dolgopolov won last week the ATP of Buenos Aires.
    He played 5 matches in 7 days.
    We saw him having practice today and he looked "physically" VERY down.
    Also, the conditions of the courts here in Rio are very different regarding the ones in Buenos Aires and when you get used to certain courts and balls for a whole week, to change and get adjust to the new conditions so fast without plenty of time in order to practice is usually extremely hard, that's why plenty of times the winner of the previous tournament is losing to the 1st round of the following tournament week by week.

    David Ferrer arrived in Rio early this week, had more time to get used with the court and balls, he is just physically better, more rested and ready to win this match.

    We are absolutely confident that David Ferrer will be the winner of this match.

    Greetings,Tennis Majors
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    I also think so.
    Let's see bro.
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