Beware of

They have been confiscating funds if they suspect you are anything but a recreational player. That means if you start winning a significant amount, they will freeze your withdrawals.

It's one thing to ban a player or limit a player, but they actually confiscate your funds.

If you just play small, (50 mBTC or less per game) then you might be okay, and they have some good odds. Just keep your balance low and test their withdrawals regularly.

I was good with them for awhile while I was losing and even when I started to win a little, they were very fast with payouts. But then I hit a lucky streak with some underdogs paying + juice and they froze my withdrawals, and now my significant winnings are stuck in there. They have stopped responding to all inquiries. Frustrating. They are still up and running. I'm hoping it is just a temporary cash flow problem and they will do right by all players, but I fear the worst.