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Thread: Since this is the Rubber Room and NOT the Pennywise Forum, here are the Rules

  1. #1 Since this is the Rubber Room and NOT the Pennywise Forum, here are the Rules 
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    Since djdj has been asked by the other place to Post his Plays here at The RX, We will allow his plays to be posted here in the Rubber Room
    which has already been allowed.

    BUT we can't turn this place into the Pennywise forum with all of these Different Daily Threads.

    So for each month djdj will start a Monthly Thread ( I have already merged April's, and merged May's )
    All plays from that Month will be posted in the Same ONE thread.

    ** As for others posting PW's threads. Anyone posting FALSE plays, trying to be Funny or just starting crap will be Banned from the Rubber Room
    YES, that means You Kid31 !!

    Let's hope we don't run into any problems

    Thank you
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    HA! How did I miss this until now. It's so funny the rules that have to be made...much needed though. DO NOT DRINK BLEACH!
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