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Thread: Cnotes 2017 BIG3 Basketball League News - Notes- Picks

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    BIG3 Basketball League 2017 Draft Results and Full Team Rosters

    Former North Carolina star Rashad McCants became the first No. 1 overall selection in BIG3 history, as the fledgling league hosted its inaugural draft Sunday.

    McCants, 32, played four NBA seasons for the Minnesota Timberwolves and Sacramento Kings. He last played during the 2008-09 season. His most recent professional basketball experience came in 2015 for Caneros del Este, a team based in the Dominican Republic.

    McCants was followed by Andre Owens, Reggie Evans, Xavier Silas and Kwame Brown to round out the top five. Jerome Williams, Derrick Byars and Maurice Evans were the final picks of the first round.

    Here is a look at how the entire draft played out:

    Big3 Draft Results

    Pick Team Player

    1 Trilogy Rashad McCants

    2 3's Company Andre Owens

    3 Killer 3s Reggie Evans

    4 Tri-State Xavier Silas

    5 3 Headed Monsters Kwame Brown

    6 Power Jerome Williams

    7 Ball Hogs Derrick Byars

    8 Ghost Ballers Maurice Evans

    9 Ghost Ballers Marcus Banks

    10 Ball Hogs Rasual Butler

    11 Power DeShawn Stevenson

    12 3 Headed Monsters Eddie Basden

    13 Tri-State Lee Nailon

    14 Killer 3s Larry Hughes

    15 3's Company Mike Sweetney

    16 Trilogy James White

    17 3 Headed Monsters Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf

    18 Ball Hogs Dominic McGuire

    19 Trilogy Dion Glover

    20 Power Moochie Norris

    21 3's Company Ruben Patterson

    22 Ghost Ballers Ivan Johnson

    23 Tri-State Mike James

    24 Killer 3s Brian Cook

    Arash Markazi of ESPN shared the list of undrafted players:

    1 May
    Arash Markazi ✔ @ArashMarkazi
    The final BIG3 rosters following yesterday's draft in Las Vegas. The season starts June 25 in Brooklyn, the night before the NBA Awards.

    Arash Markazi ✔ @ArashMarkazi
    Undrafted in the BIG3 Draft: Steve Francis, Kendall Gill, Joe Smith, Smush Parker, D.J. Mbenga, Kareem Rush, Earl Boykins and Al Thornton.
    8:50 AM - 1 May 2017 ∑ Winchester, NV
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    The BIG3 held workouts in Las Vegas over the weekend and decided its draft order via lottery Friday. The league, which was co-founded by Ice Cube, will begin play June 25. Its 10-week schedule will travel to 10 cities, concluding in Las Vegas for the championship on Aug. 26.

    "I think the game is gonna stay competitive [because] 52 percent of the revenue will go to the players," Ice Cube told Maya A. Jones of The Undefeated. "If you win a championship, you get more of the money than everybody else. Second place and so on all the way to eighth place.

    "Guys are playing for either a big chunk of the money or a little chunk of the money, but I think it's a great incentive to give real play because what we didn't want to do was put on an all-star game and not have a game. You know, we want all-stars there playing hard."

    Each team consists of five players, with each having a captain and co-captain that were named before the draft. Among the most notable names who are expected to play are Allen Iverson, Chauncey Billups and Kenyon Martin.

    Iverson, who will be co-captaining 3ís Company with DerMarr Johnson, added Owens as the teamís first selection. 3ís Company then acquired former Georgetown big man Mike Sweetney and Ruben Patterson to round out the roster.

    Billups, co-captaining Killer 3s with Stephen Jackson, selected Evans to give the team a big man in the first round. He then added former All-Defensive selection Larry Hughes in the second round and Brian Cook in the third. It was clear the team, coached by Charles Oakley, was prioritizing former NBA talent.

    Martin and Al Harrington co-captain Trilogy, which selected McCants with the top overall pick. Trilogy then selected dunk specialist James "Flight" White and Dion Glover with their two remaining selections. With Martin and Harrington serving as the two bigs, Trilogyís strategy was to stock up on available guards.

    Here is a look at every team's roster:

    Big 3 Rosters

    Team Coach Players

    3's Company Allen Iverson Allen Iverson (captain), DerMarr Johnson (co-captain), Andre Owens, Michael Sweetney, Ruben Patterson

    3 Headed Monsters Gary Payton Rashard Lewis (captain), Jason Williams (co-captain), Kwame Brown, Eddie Basden, Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf

    Ghost Ballers George Gervin Mike Bibby (captain), Ricky Davis (co-captain), Maurice Evans, Marcus Banks, Ivan Johnson

    Killer 3s Charles Oakley Chauncey Billups (captain), Stephen Jackson (co-captain), Reggie Evans, Larry Hughes, Brian Cook

    Power Clyde Drexler Corey Maggette (captain), Cuttino Mobley (co-captain), Jerome Williams, DeShawn Stevenson, Moochie Norris

    Trilogy Rick Mahorn Kenyon Martin (captain), Al Harrington (co-captain), Rashad McCants, James White, Dion Glover

    Tri-State Julius Erving Jermaine O'Neal (captain), Bonzi Wells (co-captain), Xavier Silas, Lee Nailon, Mike James

    Ball Hogs Rick Barry Brian Scalabrine (captain), Josh Childress (co-captain), Derrick Byars, Rasual Butler, Ivan Johnson

    A large portion of the BIG3ís headlines early on came thanks to the Hall of Famers who will be coaching and playing. Coaches Julius Irving, Rick Barry and Charles Oakley were at the draft. Most of the BIG3 coaches have little (if any) prior coaching experience, so it will be interesting to watch who rises to the top.

    There is a ton to look forward to in regards to the BIG3. With Hall of Famers involved, a television deal with Fox Sports 1 and buzz building, it has the potential to be a success.
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    BIG3 Snapshot
    June 24, 2017

    In a perfect world, Ice Cube's BIG3 will have us talking and plugged ino something other than NBA free agency, baseball and the upcoming football season.

    Then again, it could have us talking for all the wrong reasons since it could very well wind up being embarrassingly bad.

    Action will rotate from city to city for the first eight weeks, feature the playoffs at Key Arena in Seattle on Aug. 20 and a championship game scheduled to be played at Las Vegas' T-Mobile Arena on the 26th, which may change due to the Floyd Mayweather-Conor McGregor fight.

    The games will be 3-on-3, governed by normal rules with the exception of a 4-point shot, a 14-second shot clock, no fouling out and all defensive strategies allowed. First to 60 wins. Teams play the first half until someone reaches 30. It seems simple enough, which means the league's popularity will hinge on how well-played the games are and how enticing the action is.

    Entering the June 25 debut at Brooklyn's Barclays Center, a blind stab based on team rosters and assumptions over the form of the participants have established a subtle pecking order. Allen Iverson's 3's Company squad is favored in betting futures available at

    Below is a look at the rosters, their odds to win the BIG3 Championship and a few notes to be aware of.

    3's Company (Allen Iverson, DerMarr Johnson, Andre Owens, Mike Sweetney, Ruben Patterson)
    Odds: +400

    The expected highlight of this league is seeing A.I. do his thing again, which combined with the presence of No. 2 draft pick Owens, expected to emerge as one of the top shooters in this league, should make it fun to watch. Johnson and the slimmed-down Sweetney have played together for years, so chemistry should be there.

    3 Headed Monsters (Rashard Lewis, Jason Williams, Kwame Brown, Eddie Basden, Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf)
    Odds: +575

    Lewis' ability to spread the floor will be the key here, especially since Williams will be able to get guys the ball since he's been playing a lot of ball over the years throughout Florida. Brown is the biggest player in the league, so we'll see whether he can take advantage of the attention shooters command to get rebounds and easy buckets for a team whose timeouts should be entertaining with Gary Payton at the helm.

    Ball Hogs (Brian Scalabrine, Josh Childress, Derrick Byars, Rasual Butler, Dominic McGuire)
    Odds: +900

    The White Mamba should be better than expected, which will be necessary since this team will have to play through him. If Butler gets cooking, there are few shooters in this league more capable of draining 4-pointers. Rick Barry's team is likely to let it fly, but success will also hinge on Childress, Byars and McGuire putting in defensive work.

    Ghost Ballers (Mike Bibby, Ricky Davis, Mo Evans, Marcus Banks, Ivan Johnson)
    Odds: +900

    Truth be told, I'm here for Johnson, who was banned from the Phillippine Basketball Association and tops the list of guys you don't want to get into conflict with in this league. He'll set some mean screens for the rest of this group, which will feature George Gervin as coach but likely follow Bibby's lead on the floor. If nothing else, this group has the best logo.

    Killer 3s (Stephen Jackson, Charles Oakley, Reggie Evans, Larry Hughes, Brian Cook)
    Odds: +400

    Chauncey Billups' dance with the Cavs, who have offered him their GM gig, has put his plans to play for this team on hold. Although Jackson is still likely to be a force and Evans was the top big man selected in the draft, they would undoubtedly miss Mr. Big Shot if he's unable to participate. Cook's ability to shoot from long range should create matchup problems, so if they do get Billups in or find a suitable replacement in addition to Hughes, this group could win it all.

    Power (Corey Maggette, Cuttino Mobley, Jerome Williams, DeShawn Stevenson, Moochie Norris)
    Odds: +900

    Clyde Drexler's team is definitely a threat because you know everyone on this team is in shape and most are capable of guarding multiple positions. Drexler, who coached at the University of Houston, should be an asset. It's hard to believe Mobley retired nearly a decade ago after being diagnosed with a heart condition, but he's continued to play over the years. Don't let the Papa Smurf beard fool you. He can still play.

    Trilogy (Kenyon Martin, Al Harrington, Rashad McCants, James White, Dion Glover)
    Odds: +700

    Here's my pick to win this tournament, which would net you a tidy profit if they come through. McCants was the top selection in this draft and could wind up being one of the more unstoppable scorers. Although Martin and Harrington had injury issues slow them down, their skills shoud hold up nicely in a halfcourt setting, while the athleticism of "Flight" White could be a game-changing asset. Rick Mahorn, currently the Pistons radio analyst, coached in the WNBA.

    Tri-State (Jermaine O'Neal, Bonzi Wells, Xavier Silas, Lee Nailon, Mike James)
    Odds: +575

    Dr. J will coach this group, which features a host of names you've heard of, including potentially the top big man in the tournament in O'Neal, a six-time All-Star. It's the name you probably don't know who may make the difference, since Silas is still just 29 years old and will have the ball in his hands often whenever he's out there.
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    Big3 League: Highlights, Scores, Results & Week 1 Spoilers

    Fans will have to wait until Monday night to see the inaugural set of games for the Big3 basketball league. However, the games took place on Sunday in Brooklyn at the Barclays Center, and the results have started to trickle in.

    If you want to watch the Big3’s opening weekend without knowing the results of the games, you will not want to read on. The league kicked off with 3 Headed Monsters taking on Ghost Ballers. According to USA Today, 3 Headed Monsters edged out Ghost Ballers 62-60.

    The teams play to 60, but each team must win by at least two points. Rashard Lewis was the star of the game for the 3 Headed Monsters. Lewis won the game on a three-point play, and finished with 27 points. Lewis nailed this free throw to close out the game:

    According to ESPN, Ghost Ballers’ Jason Williams left the game with a right leg injury. Williams noted he was fine after the game to ESPN’s Coley Harvey, but the injury looked serious:

    USA Today reports Corey Maggette was also injured, but appears to be okay.

    In the second game of the day, Power defeated Tri-State 62-58. Former NBA player DeShaun Stevenson hit the game-winning three point shot:

    Allen Iverson made his Big3 debut for 3’s Company as they took on Ball Hogs. According to Legends Circuit, 3’s Company won 61-51. Iverson played sparingly only notching nine minutes. Iverson finished with two points, two assists and a steal. Iverson was criticized by some fans in attendance for looking like a small glimpse of the player he once was.

    Iverson is a player-coach, and admitted he does not expect to play a lot of minutes.

    “But I think the best part about this game here tonight and all the other games, it was exciting all throughout,” Iverson told USA Today. “It didn’t need Allen Iverson the player, per se.”

    Andre Owens led 3’s Company with 20 points while Rasual Butler had 22 points in a losing effort for the Ball Hogs.

    Trilogy dominated Killer 3’s in their 60-45 victory. Stephen Jackson led Trilogy with 19 points. Al Harrington had 25 points, but Killer 3’s came up short.

    ESPN noted strong attendance for the first week of games, but also admitted the game play was less than stellar. It will be interesting to see how popular the league can become. It has the sports calendar on its side with no other basketball to compete with.

    Big3 also features unique rules such as a shorter shot clock, players win more money with wins and a four-point shot.

    Here’s a look at the results for the first four games courtesy of Legends Circuit.


    SUN JUN 25, 2017 @ 11:30A CDT Barclays Center Ghost Ballers 60 3-Headed Monsters 62

    SUN JUN 25, 2017 @ 1:00P CDT Barclays Center Tri-State 58 Power 62

    SUN JUN 25, 2017 @ 2:30P CDT Barclays Center 3's Company 61 Ballhogs 51

    SUN JUN 25, 2017 @ 4:00P CDT Barclays Center Killer 3's 45 Trilogy 60
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    SUN JUL 2, 2017 Spectrum Center Ballhogs - Tri-State -

    SUN JUL 2, 2017 Spectrum Center Trilogy - 3-Headed Monsters -

    SUN JUL 2, 2017 Spectrum Center Power - Killer 3's -

    SUN JUL 2, 2017 Spectrum Center 3's Company - Ghost Ballers -
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    BIG3 league begins with a game-winner
    June 25, 2017

    NEW YORK (AP) Allen Iverson plans to be more spectator than scorer in the Big3.

    The Iverson of old might be the only thing Ice Cube's new 3-on-3 basketball venture can't deliver.

    The rapper-actor's league of former NBA players got off to a strong start Sunday, with the first two games both decided on winning shots in front of 15,177 fans.

    Iverson's team won the third game, though as player-coach he only put himself in for 9 minutes. At 42 years old, the former NBA MVP said he doesn't expect to be playing heavy minutes in the 10-game season.

    ''But I think the best part about this game here tonight and all the other games, it was exciting all throughout,'' Iverson said. ''It didn't need Allen Iverson the player, per se.''

    The quality of play was spotty, as players had to shake off sometimes years of rust. But it was certainly competitive.

    ''I think it's going to be incredibly good. The games are exciting, the players are still talented and they're fun to watch,'' said Hall of Famer Clyde Drexler, who coached Power to a 62-58 victory over Tri State in the second game on DeShawn Stevenson's 3-pointer.

    Entertainers such as LL Cool J and NBA All-Star James Harden were in the crowd for the first two games before Iverson, the main attraction among players, took the court following a concert.

    He may be the biggest name in the league, but his role on the court will be minor.

    ''I signed up to be a coach, player and captain. Coach part is going to go on throughout the game,'' Iverson said. ''Playing part is not going to be what you expect.

    ''You're not going to see the Allen Iverson of old out there.''

    He can't be blamed, given the risk of injury for players way past their primes. Jason Williams, the flashy point guard nicknamed ''White Chocolate,'' went down with a right leg injury late in the opener, and Corey Maggette had to come out of the second game. Both were expected to be OK.

    And that might not stop more players from wanting to play. Recently retired Paul Pierce was in the crowd and Andre Owens, the star of Iverson's 3's Company, said Kevin Garnett might want to play.

    ''Sky's the limit. Obviously you see the debut,'' Iverson said. ''I didn't even expect it to be like this, and then obviously guys that's retired now, to see the outcome of this situation right here, probably are going to get that itch.''

    Games are played to 60 points but teams have to win by two, and getting to 60 wasn't enough in either of the first two games.

    In the opener, Rashard Lewis made a three-point play with his team facing game point as 3 Headed Monsters edged Ghost Ballers 62-60.

    The game has gimmicks - Lewis made the first 4-point shot and teams had 14 seconds to shoot. Team names included 3's Company and Killer 3s and some players wore nicknames on their jerseys, with Jerome Williams going with ''Junk Yard Dog'' on his.

    Cube vowed the games would be competitive - players are vying for a revenue share based on final league standings. There was pushing and shoving in the post and a few hard fouls, and the physicality and trash talk appeared to heat up as the games went on. With hand checking allowed, the games looked nothing like today's NBA game.

    ''Some people like that style, some people don't,'' Trilogy's Kenyon Martin said. ''So we're here to fill that void for the people that appreciate the way the game has been played forever, you know what I'm saying? Basketball is a contact sport.''

    The eight-team league will play on 10 weekends, culminating with the Aug. 26 championship in Las Vegas. Games are shown on Monday nights on Fox Sports 1.


    The 3 Headed Monsters blew a late lead after Williams went down and the Ghost Ballers went ahead 60-59 before Lewis scored and drew a foul, making the free throw to finish the game.

    Lewis finished with 27 points and former No. 1 pick Kwame Brown had 17 points and 13 rebounds for the 3 Headed Monsters. Ricky Davis led the Ghost Ballers with 23 points.

    POWER 62, TRI STATE 58

    Stevenson finished with 20 points for the Power, making five 3-pointers. Maggette scored 15 and Cuttino Mobley had 14.

    Jermaine O'Neal scored 18 points for Tri State, coached by Hall of Famer Julius Erving. Mike James had 13 points and 12 rebounds.

    3'S COMPANY 61, BALL HOGS 51

    Andre Owens had 20 points and 15 rebounds for Iverson's team. DerMarr Johnson added 14 points and Al Thornton scored 13.

    Iverson finished 1 for 6 with two assists.

    Rasual Butler made six 3-pointers and scored 22 points for the Ball Hogs. Derrick Byars chipped in 19.

    TRILOGY 60, KILLER 3's 45

    Al Harrington scored 25 points as Trilogy cruised in the final game of the day. James White added 16.

    Reggie Evans scored 18 and Stephen Jackson 17 for the losers.
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