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Thread: Sports Service scams/ aka Steve Stevens

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    In the last year my phone number somehow was apparently sold to these Sports Services in Las Vegas. Recently i have been getting calls from a service called VIP Sports. This guy's name is "aka" Steve Stevens. This guy went through the whole spill of how he was the best in the industry. Also went on to say he was featured on CNBC. The reality show "Money Talks". It was true, you can go to you tube and watch the show. But the most intriguing thing that got me about our whole conversation was he gives you 1 to 2 games a day. On top of that he charges a 50% commission if the games win. You are just screwed if the games lose and you owe no commission. He wants a person to at least put a dime or more on his games. It happened to me this past week. I didn't ask for a game and he chose to just give it to me to prove himself. Well of course the game won and i never intended on playing it in the first place. He calls me the next day wanting his 500 dollar commission. I just laughed and told him it takes more than 1 game to prove yourself. He then started screaming at me, threatening my family and told me i was nothing but a scumbag. I guess the reason i posted this is by doing the math it is already tough enough to squeak out a profit against the juice, but then giving 50% of your profits to some guy because hits a game is insanely crazy. If he actually has people that give him half of their profits for winning a game then their are some real dumb ass people out there. The old saying goes "there's a new sucker born everyday." One thing about it i will not be that new sucker.
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    Just start by saying you don't bet on football and you don't bet on anything...that ends the conversation and leaves them thinking someone sold them bad information.
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