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Thread: Should I bet on the underdog for higher returns, or the opposite?

  1. #1 Should I bet on the underdog for higher returns, or the opposite? 
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    Kind of new to the whole online betting scene. I have a quick question. Should the majority of my bets be on the underdogs, who have much higher returns if you win (but lower chances of winning)?

    Or should I place most my bets on the team that is expected to win with ease, and make small profits which build up over time.

    Im leaning towards the second one, as I have bet $300 and lost and felt so bad, I dont think I can handle losses after losses, hoping for a surprise upset which can make me a large profit.

    Any advice?
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    You might get a better response if you post this in the Offshore Forum.

    Best of luck
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    Beware of small profits.
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