And BAM! Just like clockwork, I am 0-4. Aren't week 1's fun? Although, without starting off in a hole, there is no chance at a come from behind victory. Anyway, sure, it was just one week, but I think we saw some things that let us know how the season may progress. Injuries, fake punching ejections, horribly bad reffing, and six teams didn't even make 2 digit scores! Oh well, let's try harder this time around...

By the way, I wonder what Jerry Jones will be for halloween. Creepy old scum bag? No costume required.

BAL -7.5 -Is Baltimore back? I seriously doubt it. But they did an OK job and while the Bengals certainly suck, the Ravens didn't even a allow a FG. Are the Browns any better than the Bengals? Is it possible that a tough division opponent like Pittsburgh is the reason why they didn't succeed? Probably not. I call this one another cakewalk for the Ravens. Maybe 23-10?

NO +7 -A small piece of this may be wishful thinking. It is not that the Pats looks all out bad, but KC looked way better. The Pats have some work to do on D and I think the Saints will capitalize on the same issues that KC did. I just think the Saints in their home opener can keep the game closer than a TD.

JAX +2.5 -I really thought Houston would stomp a fresh mud hole in the jags. We all know that didn't happen. They looked absolutely pathetic. Let's blame the hurricane for that loss until about week 4. Jacksonville showed some spark, meanwhile the Titans couldn't get much going at home, so how the hell are they gunna come in as a favorite on the road? I don't think so.

LAR -1.5 -Redskins were another team I thought would really bust out this season. Of course, I was dead wrong and they suck again. Meanwhile the Rams hung 46 on Indy and didn't allow allow the Colts to break double digits. So why are they only a 1.5pt favorite at home? Exactly! they shouldn't be. I'll take it.

Onward and upward!