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Thread: MYM 1st Period O-1.5 October Run

  1. #1 MYM 1st Period O-1.5 October Run 
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    New NHL rule with slashing means a lot more power plays which means a lot more goals.. My theory is just like other sports the NHL wants more viewers so they adjusted some rules, pair that with the early season jitters plus the 1st period where players are arguably most energized and pumped to score PLUS some numbers I am about to present and you got yourself a nice trend.

    For the month of October alone the 1st period OVER -1.5 bet has won 37 times out of the 52 games so far (October 1st-11th). That is a nice 71%.. Just placing $100 bet on the over -1.5 for 1st period would net you around $2,000-$2,200 (depending on how much juice your loses brought.. some lines are -120,130 etc). Placing $200 would have been $4,000-4,400 for a little over a week of betting. Of course this is a small sample size but with the above factors aforementioned I believe there is some traction on this little quest.

    I didn't start from the beginning of the month but I made some good money of the month and I want to share this information with the forum as I have contributed a lot from many members particularly "The Real Deal" (who i think is the best capper i have ever seen/read/heard about) and "XS POWER" (Thanks to this guy I took many trips out of town and bought a lot of expensive shit people my age don't typically buy).

    Anyway gonna keep posting everyday and keeping track feel free to tail follow comment share your thoughts!

    October 12:
    St. Louis Blues/Florida Panthers o1 (-110) 1st Period
    $137.50 $125.00
    Dallas Stars/Nashville Predators o1 (-120) 1st Period
    $150.00 $125.00
    Minnesota Wild/Chicago Blackhawks o1 (-115) 1st Period
    $143.75 $125.00
    Detroit Red Wings/Arizona Coyotes o1 (-110) 1st Period
    $137.50 $125.00
    Winnipeg Jets/Vancouver Canucks o1 (-120) 1st Period
    $150.00 $125.00
    Buffalo Sabres/San Jose Sharks o1 (-110) 1st Period
    $137.50 $125.00

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    Makes sense to me. I'll be tailing you on this. GL!
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