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Thread: Los Angeles Dodgers vs Houston Astros GAME 7 November 1st

  1. #1 Los Angeles Dodgers vs Houston Astros GAME 7 November 1st 
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    Welcome to

    November 1st

    Los Angeles Dodgers **-152}
    Houston Astros **+146}

    Yu Darvish vs Lance McCullers Jr.

    - Game 7 is usually a very though game to cap, because the pressure is very high and most of the times the team that can handle it better is gonna be the winner.

    - Yu Darvish is a better pitcher than McCullers Jr., but he is a kind of pitcher that if in confidence and stress-free he can be really dominant and extremely tough to hit, but on the other hand when things don't turn right since the beginning, he losses his confidence and can be in the hole very easily.
    The big plus that the Dodgers have, besides playing at home, is the better bullpenn and players like Kershaw and Jansen that can easily combine 5-6 innings together and on this game this is going to be a major key.

    - McCullers Jr. just brilliant up to now, but Game 7 on the road of the World Series is a very different thing and it's very hard to understand how the guy is going to handle the pressure and be as brilliant as the Astros need him to be.
    Keutchel could do some innings, but we don't know as a reliever how he is going to be. Scherzer against the Cubs was dominant as a starter, on Game 7 as a reliever he has been trashed by the Cubs. The bad thing is that the Astros bullpenn is not even comparable to the Dodgers, that's why Houston need desperately the starter to be as good as he can be.

    - Houston has a more talented lineup, more players that can go deep and win it with the power, but is the kind of team that on the right day it's unplayable and on the wrong, mostly on the road... just awfull, like it has been already against the Yankees.
    - The Dodgers lineup might not be as good as the Astros, but they are more deep, they have more solutions and they can win this game in different ways, like happened yesterday.

    - Definitively I wouldn't lay the Dodgers to such line against so powerful lineups as the Astros, but surely playing home, starter + bullpen... they must be the favorite of this one.
    Dodgers: Deep Rosters - Potentially Better Starter + Surely Better Bullpen
    Astros: Talent - Better Lineup and a big question mark about the Starter and the Bullpenn

    Don't see the way to find the value on this game.
    It's gonna be a great intense game 7, surely fun to watch, nothing else...

    Since Day 1 $NUMBERS$ have been talking.
    6 Months Later $NUMBERS$ are still taking.

    124 PLAYS
    83 WON
    67% HIT-RATE
    Odd Av. -114
    MLB 2017: 83 WINNERS / 41 LOSSES / $82,520
    MLB Playoffs October: 13 WINNERS / 6 LOSSES / $38,300

    MLB 2017 RESULTS

    82 WINNERS / 41 LOSSES / $82,520

    May: 6 WINNERS / 1 LOSS / $4,410
    June: 19 WINNERS / 5 LOSSES / $12,770
    July: 18 WINNERS / 17 LOSSES / $400
    August: 18 WINNERS / 8 LOSSES / $14,100
    September: 10 WINNERS / 4 LOSSES / $12,540

    MLB Playoffs October: 13 WINNERS / 6 LOSSES / $38,300


    October 31st Los Angeles Dodgers $10,000
    October 28th Los Angeles Dodgers $11,900
    October 27th Houston Astros $3,000
    October 25th Houston Astros $3,210
    October 24th Houston Astros -$3,000
    October 20th Houston Astros $3,000

    October 18th Chicago Cubs $3,000
    October 18th Houston Astros -$3,360
    October 17th Los Angeles Dodgers $3,150
    October 17th Houston Astros -$3,000
    October 16th Houston Astros -$3,000
    October 12th Chicago Cubs $2,000
    October 11th Washington Nationals $3,210
    October 9th Washington Nationals -$2,200
    October 8th New York Yankees $3,270
    October 8th Boston Red Sox $4,020
    October 7th Washington Nationals $3,000
    October 6th Washington Nationals -$2,900
    October 3rd New York Yankees $3,000
    September 19th St. Louis Cardinals $2,100
    September 17th Washington Nationals $2,000
    September 16th Boston Red Sox $2,000
    September 15th St. Louis Cardinals -$2,000
    September 14th Texas Rangers -$2,080
    September 13th Seattle Mariners $2,000
    September 12th Seattle Mariners $2,060
    September 11th Baltimore Orioles -$2,000
    September 8th Seattle Mariners $2,000
    September 4th Texas Rangers $2,200
    September 4th St. Louis Cardinals $2,000
    September 4th Cincinnati Reds $2,260
    September 3rd Colorado Rockies -$2,000
    September 1st Arizona Diamondbacks $2,000
    August 26th St. Louis Cardinals $1,000
    August 24th Colorado Rockies $2,040
    August 23rd Toronto Blue Jays $2,000
    August 23rd San Francisco Giants $2,000
    August 22nd Baltimore Orioles -$3,080
    August 21st Baltimore Orioles $2,000
    August 20th Baltimore Orioles -$2,000
    August 19th New York Mets $2,000
    August 18th Colorado Rockies $2,000
    August 18th Chicago Cubs $2,000
    August 17th Houston Astros -$2,320
    August 16th Seattle Mariners $2,000
    August 15th Pittsburgh Pirates -$2,000
    August 14th Baltimore Orioles $2,000
    August 12th Baltimore Orioles $2,000
    August 11th Oakland Athletics $2,000
    August 11th Miami Marlins $2,120
    August 10th Oakland Athletics -$2,000
    August 9th New York Yankees $2,000
    August 8th Cleveland Indians $1,000
    August 7th Pittsburgh Pirates $1,000
    August 6th Pittsburgh Pirates $1,000
    August 4th Seattle Mariners $1,000
    August 3rd Houston Astros -$1,490
    August 2nd New York Yankees -$2,170
    August 1st St. Louis Cardinals -$2,000
    July 28th New York Yankees $1,000
    July 27th New York Mets -$1,000
    July 27th New York Yankees $1,000
    July 27th Toronto Blue Jays $1,000
    July 26th New York Mets -$1,050
    July 26th Baltimore Orioles -$1,000
    July 25th Boston Red Sox -$1,000
    July 24th St. Louis Cardinals $1,000
    July 23rd Pittsburgh Pirates -$1,000
    July 22nd Chicago Cubs $1,000
    July 21st Texas Rangers $1,000
    July 20th Texas Rangers -$1,000
    July 20th New York Mets $1,000
    July 19th Texas Rangers -$1,000
    July 19th Oakland Athletics $1,000
    July 18th Oakland Athletics -$1,000
    July 18th Baltimore Orioles $1,000
    July 17th Oakland Athletics -$1,030
    July 17th Baltimore Orioles $1,000
    July 16th St. Louis Cardinals -$1,280
    July 15th Los Angeles Angels -$1,180
    July 15th St. Louis Cardinals $1,200
    July 14th Los Angeles Angels -$1,000
    July 9th Seattle Mariners $1,000
    July 8th Tampa Bay Rays $1,000
    July 8th Toronto Blue Jays $1,000
    July 7th Baltimore Orioles -$1,150
    July 6th Cleveland Indians $1,000
    July 6th St. Louis Cardinals $1,000
    July 5th Texas Rangers $1,000
    July 5th Baltimore Orioles -$1,000
    July 4th Texas Rangers -$1,160
    July 4th Toronto Blue Jays $1,070
    July 3rd Texas Rangers -$1,000
    July 2nd Toronto Blue Jays -$1,020
    June 28th Toronto Blue Jays $1,000
    June 27th Detroit Tigers $1,000
    June 26th San Francisco Giants $1,000
    June 25th Detroit Tigers $1,000
    June 25th Toronto Blue Jays $1,000
    June 24th Detroit Tigers -$1,000
    June 23rd Toronto Blue Jays -$1,350
    June 21st Toronto Blue Jays $1,000
    June 19th Toronto Blue Jays $1,000
    June 18th Toronto Blue Jays $1,000
    June 16th St. Louis Cardinals $1,000
    June 15th Detroit Tigers $1,000
    June 13th Chicago Cubs $1,000
    June 12th Pittsburgh Pirates $1,000
    June 10th Toronto Blue Jays $1,000
    June 9th St. Louis Cardinals $1,000
    June 8th San Francisco Giants $1,000
    June 7th St. Louis Cardinals -$1,350
    June 6th Toronto Blue Jays -$1,370
    June 5th San Francisco Giants $1,000
    June 4th Chicago Cubs $1,000
    June 3rd Los Angeles Dodgers $1,000
    June 2nd Los Angeles Dodgers $1,000
    June 1st Boston Red Sox -$1,200
    May 31st Washington Nationals $1,000
    May 29th Toronto Blue Jays $1,000
    May 28th San Francisco Giants $1,000
    May 27th Cleveland Indians -$1,590
    May 26th Washington Nationals $1,000
    May 24th Boston Red Sox $1,000
    May 23rd Los Angeles Dodgers $1,000

    Who are we?
    The Real Deal

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    Tremendous season RD, utterly Tremendous. And your exercise of patience and caution for games, such as tonight is also admirable. Please come back next season, I never really took advantage of what you have brought to the table, that's why they have a next season.

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    R/Deal.........appreciate the thread and info you've provided this season.......solid capping......thank you for the winners, didn't take advantage of all...

    look for your thought's next season..........thank you again.........indy
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    Great job !!!!!!! what about tonight RUB THE LOTION !!! AWSOME JOB THIS YEAR YOU OUT DID YOURSELF Thanks again worth every penny
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    that who i like houston, good luck
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    Lets get this tRD
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    My penny goes with the Astros
    Thank you for the analysis TRD
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    RD, thanks for a stellar season and most importantly, thank you for taking the time to come in here and share your gift with us. Hope to see you again next season in bases. GL in foosball!!
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    Great season, congrats. And very disciplined to walk away with a massive profit and not bet Game 7, very wise. Enjoy the game with no stress or cash involved.
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    Thank you for all you have done for us boss, I really mean it.
    See you next year
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    Rd, when Will you post start in May? Thx bsb
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    Is Outdotheodds not him?
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    He was on the Pirates today, but the game was cancelled and bets voided, not sure if he keeps it for tomorrow.
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    Who was and where was it posted thanks..bsb
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    I want to follow and believe in Andy. But his first bet (ppd) was for $10 000. This makes no sense given he bet typically bet 1k or 2k a game last year.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Penzampo View Post
    He was on the Pirates today, but the game was cancelled and bets voided, not sure if he keeps it for tomorrow.
    Anyone have verified info on Andy if he’ll be posting here or is he posting somewhere else?
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    He is around and I’m sure he will show up . Time to make the donuts
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