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Thread: Beware of Handicapping scam artists!

  1. #1 Beware of Handicapping scam artists! 
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    Beware of a handicapping sydication under the name and real sure they're affiliated with
    I took the bait from Guaranteed picks. Used my credit card for a one day pass $9.99 and got royally shafted by these scumbags! I received an email to call a 1-800 number and some salesman tried upwelling me more picks. Real rude wanna be wise guy attitude. I never did get my picks or access to log in for my picks on the website. I've tried emailing their customer service without any success.

    Just putting this this out there so nobody else gets fucked out of their money from these losers.

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    Don't try to stiff a guy named Gotti.

    Moreso, with a New York zip.
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