Hey guys, recently we've had a few cryptocurrency conversations. I wanted to let you guys know that Kucoin exchange shares it daily profits with its members. I gain a percentage of every coin traded on the exchange. My Kucoin exchange wallet has some of everything all free and distributed daily.

if you hold KCS you get a DAILY bonus of more KCS. you really are making gains every single day . you can trade bitcoin ETH NEO OMG WTC or many other very popular alts (only exchange to offer RPX). If you are opening a offshore sports betting account you'll notice everyone of the legit books encourage Bitcoin deposit. so I think most of the online betting community is familiar with Bitcoin because of that reason.

Ive tried to add pics but the wont upload because of size and I don't know how to resize them. feel free to message me and ill send pics of my account to prove the rewards system for kucoin