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Thread: Adrian C @ Youwager is a Bold Faced Liar

  1. #1 Adrian C @ Youwager is a Bold Faced Liar 
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    And how can you trust a book to pay you when they lie about what they said, IE. ahhh you didnt pick the correct team so you lost?
    And how do you prove it? They lie, and get away with it

    About two weeks ago, i had deposited, and my deposit was lost. I have sent this place rediculous amounts of money over the years.

    So I ask Adrian C the manager there for a comp, to which he says "Im DEEPLY sorry, but we dont offer courtesy plays.

    When somebody is down tens of thousands i think you should provide

    Anyway, I speak with him and after some discussion, he tells me what I will do for you, is make a deposit and ill give you 100% bonus. I said how is that a help to me, you want me to send more to get a bonus. He says, "well its a promotion that we were running before, but its no longer in effect. But for you, I will make an exception and give this. I wasnt happy with it but that was the end of the conversation for then

    Then I deposit on Friday, i had forgotten about his offer, but I saw on the website that this supposed exception for me only, was in effect and a promo for everyone

    SO he lied telling me that this was an exception, just to make me think he was doing something for me, but it never was anything for me. And he was never going to grant it, he just thought he would tell me that and I wouldnt bother, so he could get off the phone.

    Now his replies are. I emailed you and told you that restrictions apply....HE DID NOT, and my phone conversations with him should have been recorded, and he should be exposed for lying. But how do u get them to listen to their phone calls? ISnt there some law that a company can not say whatever they feel like saying, and then deny they ever said it? Like my example above, if they decide to say your bets lost, how are you going to prove that you selected a winner? If they dont check each others actions, you dont have a way of proving it.

    This is shady business, and if you want to get paid, i think another book should be used, you cant trust liars. That guy Adrian C is a flat out Liar
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    there could be laws in US stating that, but I doubt youwager has any offices in the US. Also, I believe that if you check their about us and those pages they probably are saying that they operate under some Caribbean island jurisdiction.
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    All offshore books are scum.
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