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Thread: 2017-18 College Bowl Contest Picks & Standings Thread

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    Congrats to BAS for winning the contest. These contests really add value to the RX forum. Thx again BAS and JOH.
    Tuesday's Gone with The Wind
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    Congrats BAS!! ����
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    Quote Originally Posted by JOH™ View Post
    The 2017-18 Poster's College Bowl Contest
    Payout Structure

    1st Place: Betallsports #2 $2,400
    2nd Place: Livinthedream #2 $800
    3rd Place: ITISWHATITIS $200

    Total Pool .... $3,400

    Congrats to Betallsports #2, winner of the 2017-18 College Bowl Contest and $2400. Livinthedream #2 won the TB for 2nd place and $800 while ITISWHATITIS edged out Livinthedream #1 in the 2nd Tiebreaker to grab 3rd place and $200.

    Thanks to all for playing!
    Thanks Guys ... it wasn't easy, but having a 1 point lead going into the Final game Helped ...

    PM me Your PP info and when I get back over the Weekend, I'll take care of it.

    Thanks Again to JOH for running a Great Contest yet again... and All on Your own time. You can expect something coming Your way from Me.
    because I Really appreciate All that you Do for us here at The RX with All of these Contests and Pools

    Without You, None of these Contests would happen here. I don't think people realize that. I really Don't

    Thank you again
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    Nice work, BAS!! And all winners!

    Was in it for a while, but hit the skids coming down the stretch.
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    PM sent with address . Thanks for running.
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