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Thread: UCF National Champions!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Low Tide View Post
    Some of you guys in this thread are usually pretty rational so we will just chalk it up to Bama fatigue. Understandable.

    Further adding to the absurdity, UCF has landed a billboard in Tuscaloosa proclaiming themselves national champions and requesting a home and home with Bama. I wish Bama would play the Knights and beat them senseless, but they will be playing the likes of FSU, USC, Wisconsin , etc. because they are clearly afraid of scheduling good teams out of conference.
    Thats awesome!!!! Rumor has it that bama refuses to play UCF after the 2000 game when UCF ruined their homecomming (bama had nothing to gain by beating UCF and much to lose)

    I believe bama starts the season in orlando next year. Too bad its vs louisville
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