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Thread: How legit are Casinos?

  1. #1 How legit are Casinos? 
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    Just curious .... I'd like to believe theses casinos are straight up but when the casino knows how much you bet and what you bet on I have a hard time not thinking they can control the outcome.
    Kind of like I'm thinking of a number now you guess if it's odd or even ........ could I make some major coin doing that?
    To qualify my thinking I've had plenty of winning nights at a real table but I've never won using online casinos.
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    It all depends on where you gamble. As for me, I postly gamble online and Play multislot on mr bet and everything is totally great for me but I know that there are lots of not legit and trusted casinos online these days. So, you should be careful and choose wisely!
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