So I've been dating this woman for a few weeks now. Only thing is her breath smells like ass, dick and shit. She told me she worked at Ally's, which is a grocery store here in town. But what she actually was saying is that she works in an alley servicing her customers.

Well, I can understand why she has the breath of "ass, dick and shit" on her 24-7, but the other day she was reverse anal riding my shaft and she just full on shatted all over me. She even raised up her ass (it was reverse cowboy anal) and gave me a full-on diarrhea shower. (See the video)

But don't worry about me, I'm okay with it. She's an illegal from Butu Watutu and I must fully appreciate her culture and not be judgemental!

So I've given her a breath mint and I wear a lab suit mask with a clear visor so I can see out of it whenever we have sex.

And, oh yeah, Vikings will be going to the Superbowl.