I know it’s early and probably very stupid to invest too much money given so much unpredictability between the draft, free agency, OTAs and preseason but this one is too good to pass up imo...

Houston Texans over 8.5

obviously this hinges on how well Watson bounces back from his season ending injury but they lost so many key pieces for major parts of th season. This sets them up rather nicely with a favorable schedule. They already play in a weak AFC South division. Then they play the AFC East and NFC East, plus Denver and Cleveland.

They should win 4 of 6 within their own division. They will most likely win 3 vs the AFC East and 2 vs NFC East. They’ll definitely beat Cleveland and unless Denver gets Cousins, they’ll take that one as well.

That puts them at 11 wins. Assume they lose one they shouldn’t, still gets them to 10 wins.

I grabbed a piece at -130,-135 and -150 all within the last 2 hours at Heritage. I can’t believe how fast the juice is moving but I’m glad I got it now before it’s either too expensive or jumps to 9