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Thread: Sweet Sixteen Survivor

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    Sweet Sixteen Survivor Contest

    $10 per entry, 3 for $25, 7 for $50

    You must pick one team to win each day of the tournament that remains (6 days). You can pick the same team multiple times, however if you do, you must also pick a 3 number winning margin range.

    Eg if if you are picking Duke for the second time, you select them to win by 5-7 points. If they win by 7 points, you advance. If they win by 8, you are eliminated.

    Winner(s) takes all, no buybacks for this contest. ****** and Venmo accepted.

    If if you are interested, email me at

    The original survivor had 194 for $2,215.
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    Please proceed with extreme caution and operate at your own risk when dealing with other Rx posters privately, especially in financial matters. The does not endorse any posters that solicit other posters for loans or transfers, or wagering events between yourselves and cannot vouch for any posters that attempt to procure loans, funds for private contests, funds for private wagers or transfers from other posters for any reason anywhere on this site.

    Financial transactions between posters are extremely risky and The Rx. advises the use of the most serious caution before making any kind of financial transaction with another poster. The itself cannot be held responsible when posters fail trying to recover funds loaned, transferred or wagered with or to other posters under any circumstances.

    Unless you personally know a poster or one is vouched for you by someone you highly trust you should be very hesitent to conduct unsecured financial business with posters that you meet on this any other forum.

    I cannot over emphasize how dangerous it is to bet or loan or transfer money with or to complete stangers and expect to be paid in the end. I am not saying all posters are dishonest but utmost caution needs to be practiced whenever posters deal with each others privately, especially in regards to financial matters. The cannot help mediate disputed wagers, contests or debts between private parties..

    Caveat Emptor - let the buyer beware..

    Thank you, The RX Mod Team
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