Just for fun, I wrote them cause they state that if you have ideas and/or articles you would like published, they will be more than willing to publish them! YET, I dont think they will publish mine, or even answer me back for some strange reason... .Even tho they are supposed to be unbiased right? Here is the email I sent them -


I have several stories that I have been working on since Trump was elected president. All have been well researched, with factual statistics and interviews (have contact information as well on the interviewees). Here are the titles I hope to use, which is also the subject of the articles.

How a Trump Presidency has grown my business, cannot find enough employees

A President elected on his promises - 48 promises Trump has accomplished in his first year

The agenda of biased media, and why they promote one-sided news

Illegal immigration, and how it hurts everyone... especially the inner cities

Team politics, and why you shouldn't vote strictly along party lines

It isn't oppression - Several studies show its life choices, not racism

When facts matter! Research both sides of an article and form your own opinion

How flawed is our voting system? Why we need a verifiable voter ID

"Spin, Spin, Sugar" - 101 Times the media lied about Trump

When there is no evidence of "Trump-Russian Collusion", how the media pushes pushes a narrative

100 felonies in 100 days - Heinous crimes committed by those illegally in the United States

Alarming statistics on why repealing the 2nd amendment is a terrible idea

Which narrative is it this week? "Trump is Putin's Puppet"? or "Trump is going to start World War III against Russia/Putin"? A look at the biased media, and the people who blindly follow it.

Follow 3 rules to succeed in life - Get a job, finish school, and don't have children out of wedlock. A look at the failing inner cities.

25 Times the media praised Obama, and then attacked Trump for doing the exact same thing.

Thanks for your consideration, and I am also researching and interviewing for several other articles as well. You will find all my articles are very well researched, and contain 0 anonymous sources and are easily verifiable and credible.