MLB Survivor 3 Rules

$20 per entry, 3 for $50. Contest begins Friday, May 18. Signups will be accepted until 12PMET.

You must pick one team to win each day of the weekend (Friday-Sunday) and you must go at least 2 for 3 to advance. You cannot pick the same team twice throughout the contest.

You must select three teams at the start of the weekend for Friday, Saturday & Sunday. If your first two picks win, your Sunday pick will be returned to you to use again on another weekend. You will be allowed to make an in-weekend change to either your Saturday or Sunday pick for whatever reason (weather, injuries, pitching change, strategy, etc.) if needed. Only one pick change allowed per weekend.

For the first 2 weekends of the contest, losing entries will be allowed to “buyback” and stay in the contest. The schedule is as follows:

After Week 1: $25
After Week 2: $50

Starting June 1, there are no further buybacks and all eliminations are final.

All picks for the weekend are due Friday at 12PMET. It is advised to get your picks in as early as possible, as you can always change them prior to the deadline. A spreadsheet will be sent with all picks.

For the one daily change, that is due 8AMET of the day of that game. A new e-mail will be sent if there are changes in picks. If no e-mail is sent for the day, that means there are no changes. You must verify your picks for any errors. If the error is my fault, I will correct it prior to the first game starting that day. Once the first game starts, the SPREADSHEET BECOMES FINAL, and any errors that might exist will stand, regardless of who made the error. If such an error results in your having a duplicate pick, that entry will then be eliminated from the contest.

In the event of a rainout, the pick will be delayed until that team’s next game, even if against a different opponent. The elimination will be retroactive to the day it happened, so if you won Friday, and had a rainout Saturday, and that game gets made up Sunday and is a winner, your Sunday pick will be returned to you. For doubleheaders, you must specific Game 1 or Game 2 for your pick.

If at any point after Week 3, there is a sole survivor after a week is over, that entry will be deemed the winner of the contest. If all entries are eliminated in the same day, then the contest continues to the next week with all those previous entries staying alive in the contest.

Given that some entries may have used more picks because of the Sunday return, it’s possible that we could get to a point where some entries have no picks available while others do. In that case, you will simply receive a NO PICK that will be graded as a loss. The other entries still will have to win their weeks to advance. If multiple entries survive the entire schedule, they will split the prize. Once the contest is narrowed down to minimal entries, splits can be proposed. They will be accommodated for as long as the split/chop is a unanimous vote.

No administration fees are taken out of the prize pool. 100% of the prize is distributed to the winner(s) at the conclusion of the contest.

****** and Venmo are accepted. If you use ******, please do not mention Survivor pools in the memo notes. Leave it blank. If you use Venmo, I must first add you as a friend before sending your entry fees.