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Thread: Still Baffled about last nite's game

  1. #1 Still Baffled about last nite's game 
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    Why were the rockets intentionally fouling in the last minute of last nite's game when they were down double digits?

    To make matters worse, the warriors had a defensive rebound with under 24 seconds left in the game. 9 times out of 10, the player just dribbles the ball and lets the clock run out. However with 12 seconds left, the rockets intentionally fouled the player.

    To REALLY make matters worse, i had under 223.5 on the game (game was at 223 before this foul occured) and i lost the game.

    On a day where gambling gets legalized in more states, a team from Texas does something crazy fishy
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    I had the over 224 and was not only shocked that they fouled but that he hit both of his free throws.
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    Yup makes no sense. Last series rockets were down by 8 with about 40secs left and they didn't foul. I had the 2h over which lost by 1pt. Hope they get swept
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