If Golden state pulls out a win here tonight, which I think they do. The Rockets might just get swept.

The Rockets had a great regular season, and Bearded man Harden is phenomenal. But is CP3 really making that much of a difference on this team. It looked great in the regular season these two together, but is adding CP3 with Harden even enough to get a win against this Warriors team. CP3 is a solid player but I think the value that was placed on him during the regular season by people have been exaggerated. CP3 is not on steph or even klays level of play and obviously not on KDs. The warriors are playing on another level right now and hitting that almost unbeatable stride of years past, and I can see a sweep coming. Either way Rockets aren't winning this series baring any injuries to key warriors players. Rockets are going to need to add some more firepower in the offseason if they really want to defeat the beast of the west.

Warriors +1.5 tonight looks like a great value to me.

Whats everyone else's thoughts