I understand how hard it is. I appreciate the juice and the seemingly utter impossibility of picking 2 consecutive winners nevermind 10.

Nonetheless, with all the people gambling, many of them large amounts and constantly gambling, you'd think there would be more people who obtained wealth through sportsbetting?

Hitting a few big parlays and hitting a couple more after that, winners several bets in a row, going on an insane run, it's bound to happen isn't it given the sheer volume bets placed by us?

I think if we were betting larger amounts (that's right RTP, encourage people to bet more and lose more lol) more of might hit the 6 digit balances maybe a rare 7 digits.

I've went on runs where I've turned a couple grand into 20,000. It's usually due to getting on an insane run, then you feel like you have money to spend so you put a few hundred on a 5 or 6 game parlay, get lucky and hit that and the rest is history. I'm sure we've all been there. If you have been betting long enough we've all been on those insane winning runs.

I just don't understand, given the laws of probability (I understand the math of how hard it is to win at sportsbetting) and with all these people sportsbetting, why aren't more people getting rich after going on those spectacular runs that are inevitable?

It has to be the wagering amounts right?