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Thread: Monthly MLB Contest - Winner Take All (session 3 , June 1st to June 30th) * Pick Thread

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    Congrats goes out to the winners, this was by far the best finish we have had in these Contest.
    and I just want to say I am Happy that my mistake didn't take away or change the outcome of the Contest
    because if we went with the original Weenatl would have been one pick short and deducted one unit.

    Prime21 is the Top Winner, ( $1200 I believe ) and Weenatl gets 2nd place which goes in the next pot.

    Prime21 please contact me when you get a chance, I'm currently away for the Holiday week, but we will get you paid.

    Thanks again to all who played
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    Nice picking, Prime21. Congrats, glad to see you get one of these!

    Good job on 2nd place, Weenatl. You made a real nice late charge.

    And a shout out to ftkl69 for leading us most of the way. Hope to see you see in the winners circle before the summer is over.

    On to July!
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    Thanks guys appreciate it I want be like Bloker now and try to do a repeat like him lol I wish but good luck to u guys in July should be another great contest
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    Congrats prime, weatl, and ftk for great months and a finish that went down to the very last game.

    And I noticed that Bloker put +594 into the plus column on the last day of the contest just to remind us that he is still around. That rascal.

    You guys are tough.

    And please lower the rhetoric a notch. BAS does an excellent job. This isn't as easy as it looks to get this done as planned every single day. Sometimes life interferes. If my vote counts I do think that there should be a -110 minimum penalty for any games not played less than 75.

    Gonna try to be competitive this month. Good luck, all.
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