All over the internet there are horror stories of getting ripped off by offshore books
People in Nevada and Now New Jersey & Delaware don't have to Deal with this Nonsense

Do you really think if you send $ outside of the county your not going to get ripped off and some point REALLY?

this is a copy of a Lawyers response to someone who got ripped and asked about suing

call southwest fly to Vegas and live here
or bet the Stock Market day trade
Otherwise you are begging to get ripped off dealing with these Scumbags

Time to be a big boy.

You know perfectly well that both the state and national government don't want you doing this.

When you play by pirate rules, you take a pirate's chances.

As a practical matter, furthermore, I seriously doubt if you can get jurisdiction over an outfit located in another country, especially when you are legally in the wrong.

There is a long tradition of the law refusing to enforce illegal contracts.

And just suppose you sued them and won. You would have to do that in a Costa Rica Court.

Without even looking, I'm ready to bet that the amount of money recovered would be far outweighed by the expense and trouble of getting it.

As my thoroughbred trainer father used to say: "it happens to everybody some time or another.

But if you have to be a sucker, at least don't be a noisy one."

Next time pick a better joint.