Blockchain-based Zero Commission DFS

There’s a new DFS platform where everyone can play commission-free tournaments. Not just as a starting bonus, but forever. With no commission fees and no rake fees, ScorumDraft offers players more returns no matter what their management prowess. The standard commission fee across the DFS industry is around 10% which puts most players in the red over time, especially novice or occasional players.

Let's take a 1000 Double-Up tournaments distance with a buy-in of 1 conventional unit and a player that wins 51% of tournaments (510 in this example). This player gets 2 conventional units at 0% commission and 1,8 conventional units at 10% commission (0,9+0,9). If we add random wins distribution the result will be really embarrassing.

You can see that a player’s profit curve at a 10% commission fantasy platform drops off consistently, despite the fact that he or she plays better than an average opponent. That’s why we’ve built a zero-fee solution.

How do they sustain zero-fee DFS? At Scorum Draft you can only play for Scorum Coins (SCR), Scorum's cryptocurrency. Without getting into all the details, this cryptocurrency uses a blockchain where transactions between users are completely free. This enables it to be used for totally free services like DFS.

2018 FIFA World Cup is an ideal moment to get acquainted with a brand-new fantasy platform and enjoy matches more than ever. Newly registered users will be able to participate in freerolls on Scorum Draft every matchday.

So do you think cryptocurrency-based DFS is worth a shot?