I always play the unders with the belief that injuries will be a huge factor in a team trying to achieve the projected wins. Just about every team is subject to this factor and some teams/players seems to be more prone than others. Any input as to why you like an under or over is appreciated.

cards under 5.5 +125 seems too low of a number
falcons under 9 -105 seems risky
ravens under 8 -105 they always seem to end up at 8 or 9
bills under 6.5 -150 looks too risky and too much juice
panthers under 9 -145 too expensive
bears under 7 -110 looks good (playing this one)
bengals under 6.5 +115 not sure
browns under 5.5 +110 (playing this one)(how many games do they give away in the 4rth?)
cowboys under 8.5 -120 not sure
broncos under 7 +115 not sure
lions under 7.5 +105 burned me last year and always seem capable of 8
packers under 10 -115 (playing this one)(team seems to always get injuries)
Texans under 8.5 +125 juice looks good maybe
colts under 6.5 even not sure
jaguars under 9 -110 number inflated from last years performance?
chiefs under 8.5 -120 seems low
chargers under 9.5 -125 (playing this one)(team seems to always get injuries)
rams under 10 -120 number inflated from last years performance?
dolphins under 6.5 -105 jay cutler isn't there to help go under
Vikings under 10 -120 (playing this one)(not convinced cousins makes this team better)
pats under 11 even is never a good bet
saints under 9.5 -115 I'm expecting saints to go over this number
giants under 7 +105 not sure
jets under 6 -135 low number and expensive
raiders under 8 +105 maybe 8 is their final number
eagles under 10.5 -130 was hoping high expectations would be a better under situation,waiting
steelers under 10.5 -130 hurt me last year but big ben seems to get hurt at some point
49ers under 8.5 -110 seems risky but maybe I'm too caught up in last years good finish
seahawks under 8 -150 juice is too high
titans under 8 -120 not sure
redskins under 7 -130 looks good but too much juice