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Thread: Warning: Scam poster

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    Posting this as a warning to the RXForum community, for contests here and elsewhere...

    DO NOT play in contests run by anyone going by "WizardofOddz". He is a scammer and a degenerate and will steal your money.

    I paid $400 to play in an NBA playoffs contest he ran where he announced the 1st prize as $1150. After I won, he emailed me "not everyone paid, you're only getting $600." We have been through 50+ emails of his excuses -- ****** issues, Venmo issues, a problem with his bank. He continues to promise to pay me, but it is obvious he is never going to. As an "apology" he offered me a free entry to his World Cup contest! Which is -- uh -- worthless, for obvious reasons. In the middle of this, he actually had the nerve to ask to borrow $80 from me to enter a poker tournament. While he was stealing my money.

    Absolute scam artist, and should be banned from posting here or anywhere and no one -- NO ONE -- should enter any contest run by "WizardofOddz".
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    Thanks for the heads up, sorry to hear you got scammed.
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