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Thread: OMG, Russia accused of trying to influence our election

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    Quote Originally Posted by Michelangelo View Post
    I'd love to see Trump ask Putin to march these guys out for media questioning.

    Interesting that this breaks immediately in the wake of Sztrok's questioning and right when Trump is to meet Putin for their first sit down.

    The rats in the deep state are trying again to gnaw on Trump's leg.
    Everyone knows that indictment is a joke and so is Rosenstein. If I'm Trump
    I've got to be embarrassed that I have a DOJ that makes him look like a fool
    in the eyes of anyone with an IQ greater than 10.

    Trump needs to clean house in the DOJ and FBI. He may suffer some blowback in
    the interim but in the long run he'll be much better off.

    If he really wants to drain the swamp there is no better place to start.
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    I wonder what happens when the Russians show up in court this time

    annuta "I'm sorry your honor, I'm not really ready to prosecute, I'm just looking for some good press"
    "The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter". "A rising tide raises all boats". "MAGA"
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