These are previews from the Belgian Jupiler League I post on my Steemit Blog with all the latest on team news, player form, injuries, betting angles,
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Belgian Jupiler League Week 2 Asian Lines

The 2nd week in the league will be about continuing to find new patters. The top teams dominated the frirst week and the gap between them and the mid-low table teams seems to have grown. Nearly all these matches saw a very early lead for the top teams which probably had a huge influence on how everything played out. One of the main questions on the bad teams is if they were really bad, just had a bad day or if the opponents were just too strong. Looking back at teams that performed poorly in the first week, I see that they tend to continue this in the 2nd week. Teams that got a 4.0 or lower rating in the paper or lost with 3+ goals in the first week are 0W-5.5L against the asian line during week 2 against the asian line. Similar to the first week, big moves in the market can be opposed since they often show to be an overreaction (My numbers show 10W-4L opposing moves of a quarter ball or more)

Eupen vs Charleroi
Eupen lost 5-2 to Club Brugge and showed a more forward approach again compared to last season when coach Maklele took over. They stood no real chance against a better Club Brugge side but they continued playing forward despite being down. I will keep a close eney on this for potential late live bets. Charleroi who lost 0-1 against Antwerp also seem to have a more forward approach to last year but seemed to lack finishing power. (I'll be on the look out for the line up and Perbet to be in it which should increase the chance on goals). Charleroi had a poor form in the play-offs last season and I would not be surpirsed if this would continue and not be their season. They have been overachieving these past couple seasons and might be a good option to oppose. My main eye will be on a potential over bet Live, but I need to see the start of the match first. If the odds on Eupen move to +0.25 @ 1.8+ I will likely take some on those given the fact that moves have far less weight at the start of the season.

Cercle Brugge vs Lokeren
Promoted teams tend to do good in their first home match of the season, but I prefer if they are the underdog to actually bet them. They have a simimar team to last season which should be a good when it comes down to defensive stability. The coach aims for 30 points this season and staying in the league is their main objective. He said they will go for the home win in matches against equal opponents like Lokeren. Lokeren got absolutemy slaughtered last week against Genk and got a 3.0 Team score for it. I expect them to do much better tonight and put some focus on defensive stability first. They don't seem to be the most free scoring team again this season and I took the Under 2.75 @ 2.01 some days back (shared on Discord) now trading at 1.917 odds. I see a O/U 2.5 line as more suitable for a match like this. If the picture of the match shows otherwise there should be an option to trade out of this bet live.

Antwerp vs Kortrijk
Antwerp showed to be a hard working team in the first match and they seem to be willing to do what it takes. they still need some extra quality though and were very efficient in the match against Charleroi. Kortrijk of all teams did not seem ready yet with many players not being fit enough yet and a bad preparation. This is unlikely to change in a week and it was mostly their defense that looked really weak. The scenario I'm hoping for is Kortrijk to somehow take the lead in the match to back Antwerp to make a comeback. The late over is also an option. I did not take any pre-match bets on this game.

AA Gent vs Zulte-Waregem
I was not impressed by AA Gent last week against Standard. They seemed to lack fire and had a hard time to actually create chances. There was a lot of will power at the start of the match with high pressing. Their defense is completely new ad I expect for them to get more goals against this season. Right now they seem to rank below the real top teams (Anderlecht, Club Brugge, Standard & Genk) and I would not be surprised if they were facing a difficult season. Biggest transfer Odidja also got injured and will not play while Neto is also still not back. Zulte-Waregem deserved the win against Waasland but were sloppy near the end of the match. it was the last game of Kaya and coach dury said he does not really have a replacement. They should have a more balanced team compared to last season where they mostly existed of hired youngsters. i do see this matchup as Overrated GAA ent vs Underrated Zulte-Waregem and took some on both the Zulte-Waregem 1st Half +0.25 @ 1.97 and Zulte-Waregem +0.75 @ 1.91 I will be on the look out for a potential over knowing Zulte-Waregem tends to play forward and the AA Gent defense is more vulnerable this season. Over in Corners is also on my radar if it turns out to be an up and down match.
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Late info might change my view on what is written in these previews. These matches will be covered live on our Steemit Betting Community Discord Channel

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