Hopefully some winners in here, will probably add more

(Dillashaw - 2 units) Cody has some hands in the weight class no doubt and these guys definitely have some cage time together so its a tough fight to pick a winner. TJ is the more rounded fighter and has looked better every fight. I think he much is better at making adjustments on the fly then Cody is in fight. There will most likely be some points in the fight where TJ will get tagged but as long as he can weather the storm and make the adjustments he should be fine. At the end of the day TJ being more well rounded and has more ways to attack Cody will come out on top again.

(Cejudo Johnson goes the Distance - 1/2 unit) While Cejudo has improved nicely since the first fight I'm not sure its enough that he will be able to win the 2nd fight. I wouldn't be surprised with an upset and my lay a little on Cejudo at the + money but I will wait closer to fight time when the odds hopefully increase and money flys in on Johnson. I think the safer play is the fight to go the distance with Cejudo using some more strikes to keep distance and not try to out-wrestle DJ. I do think you will see some fairly large portions of grappling in this fight that will kill some clock.

(Swanson - 1/4 unit) Cub looked hesitant in the Frankie Edgar fight and I'm not sure why he was throwing the jab but not following up. He needed to throw his hands more and I think he would have fared much better. That being said I still think Swanson has some fight in him and at +290 i think there is definetly some value there.