Its that time of the year where we start organizing our NFL Survivor Pool for all those who are interested please read below, if you are no longer interested please reply “NO” and you will be removed from all future communications.

The entry fee for NFL SURVIVOR 2018 is $100 per team entered and you can enter up to 5 times maximum.


1ST PRIZE: $10,000




The object of Survival Football is to be the last Active member of your individual group.

In order to accomplish this goal, you must correctly pick the winner of one professional football game each week.

For each paid entry you can only select each professional football team ONCE during the regular season.

If a correct selection is made, you will remain Active for the following week. If an incorrect selection is made (or the game ends in a tie), you will be eliminated.

In the event that the last Active members in a group are all Eliminated together in the same week, all are declared winners. The prize pool would therefore be split equally amongst the winning entries.

The Survivor Pool Runs for the duration of the Regular Season Only. Playoffs are not part of this contest.

You and you alone are responsible for putting your selection in each week.

Payment to the winner will be made on the first business day following a winner being declared.

Pool Information:
Pool ID: 98799
Pool name: BruisersSurvivorPool
Pool administrator: Betting Bruiser
Pool starts in: Week 1
Pool runs through: Regular season only
Tie games treated as a: Loss

Pick Settings
Pick objective: Pick a team to WIN each week
Pick deadline: The final pick deadline is Sunday at 1pm ET*. If you want to pick an earlier game you must do so by kickoff of that game.
Multiple entries allowed: Yes (5)
NFL team may be picked more than once during the regular season: No
When member
doesn't enter a pick:
No pick will be selected

Join the contest:
In order to join the contest click the link:

DEADLINE IS SEPTEMBER 3rd, 2018 all entries that have not been paid for will be deleted on the morning of September 4th, NO EXCEPTIONS.

Payment can be made via ****** to (Friends and Family), if an alternate payment method is needed, and is absolutely necessary respond to this email and we can discuss alternatives.

If anyone has any further questions feel free to respond.

Good Luck,