Hey all,

I just wanted to come to the site to help promote a new Sportsbook being launched on www.beech270.com.

The sportsbook isn’t unqiue in a few ways:

-The standard price of a typical line/total bet is -105, not -110

-You can bet on all sports events and all upcoming 2018 political Mid-term elections

-You can “customize” a bet. That is, you can submit a bet that you design (for example, “Yankees total hits”), and they will offer a -105 bet for that.

-There are no fees. They use ****** on all transactions, and will cover and associated fee that ****** charges. You don’t have an account that you desposit to or withdrawal from, which is the one drawback, but they cover any cost associated with making a bet or getting your returns.

It’s a unique sportsbook in that you have to request to make a wager, but they give you a cheaper price on virtually every bet. The head of the site is more interested in running a sportbook than making a profit. He is a strong proponent of lowering the standard price from -110 to -105, which is a big deal for serious bettors.

If you want to try it/learn more about the specifics, shoot an email to contact@beech270.com to address those concerns.