Hello Folks,
Welcome and thank you that you visited my thread. My Name is Basko and I'm a Person, that earns good side money with sports-picking since 2016 now. My focus lies on soccer and us-sports.
It's a common misconception that all forms of ‘gambling’ lead to losses – this isn’t the case if expertise and bankroll management are combined. My aim is to consider sports betting as a long-term investment. People who are looking for a ‘get rich quick’ scheme should look elsewhere.

General Statistic:
Win: 0 Loss: 0
Bank: 1000/1000

Feyenoord vs Excelsior
Bet on: Feyenoord Wins@1.35Odds
20 Units Advised

Brighton vs Manchester United
Bet on: Manchester Wins@1.8 Odds
2 Units Advised