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Thread: UFC Picks

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    Woodley +113

    Woodley could be in trouble if he does his normal back to the cage routine. Unlike Wonderboy Till with throw and has power. Up against the cage against him could be a big problem. But Woodley is more well rounded and if he mixes it up and especially early starting out with wrestling, I think he takes it.

    Karolina +368

    Too good of a dog price. Andrade if better is not that much better

    Price +103

    Really impressed with this guy. Might have a future as a top notch fighter. Has a bit of a Masvidal feel to him but more aggressive

    Davis +812

    Call me crazy. A bit of a shot in the dark With a line like this it is probably unlikely he gets it done. Mago does not telegraph anything and is quick. But he is a guy that doesn't seem to hurt you with power. Worried about the ground game though. I feel if it is a finish that is where it will be. Mago has a bit of a Uriah hall feeling though more well rounded. I'm sure most will disagree with that. It is just what I see Hoping he turns out as good as people think though

    Don't have a big play on any of these as they are all dogs(two of them big) Just average or less bets. GL. Enjoy the fists to the face
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    I like the chance at Davis too, although I played Mago by sub. On the others as well, and really hoping Price gets it done again tonight. I’ve been hoppin him up since before his UFC days...

    Good Luck and enjoy the fights...
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    GL with the picks
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