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Thread: Do you believe Serena/Venus are women or men?

  1. #1 Do you believe Serena/Venus are women or men? 
    RX SemiGod
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    Lol, "Trans World" did a video years ago.

    All jokes aside, I 100% believe they are women. I've seen different videos on their "transvesitgations", investigating whether they are women or not.

    Verdict -- 100% women!

    Same with Michelle. Or Moo-chelle. She is a woman as well.

    (This is not a thread to make Mob cry to sleep with tears of happiness. But if I can win points with that bathroom TRANSgresser, then so be it. God bless you, Mob!)
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    Lmaooo yeah letís just put a sports spin on it....

    is serena Williams really a woman? Or a tranny? Now all is good. BAS is happy now

    what a wonderful contribution you make here
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    Slap a hat and a beard on Serena and she looks just like Mobs disgusting avatar. Shes a bloated gorilla and her testosterone levels need to be checked. Its repulsive how unbelievably fat her ass has bcome
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