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Thread: Question regarding bet sizes

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    If this is the wrong forum move it, please.

    I'm always curious, when a user says they're betting say, 1 unit... are they betting one unit, or are they betting to win 1 unit?

    I see a lot of cappers here going 1 to 1, and not accounting for the vig.

    On a -110 1 unit bet, are they saying they bet 110, or that their expected return on a win is $91?

    I'd love to see more transparency in the records, but I'm curious what the standard practice is.
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    well this could have gone into any Sub Forum.

    anyway to answer your question, Yes some posters won't include the vig, and will only post a win / loss record
    does it really matter when it comes to NFL, CFB or NBA ?? yeah kind of, but most know it's -110

    Where it's really misleading is in MLB or NHL, because of the ML's
    Most will give a true record w/ Vig, but you will always find a few that don't
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