Entry: $50

Prizes: 70% to 1st, 20% to 2nd, 10% to 3rd


Series Winner: 10 points (5 Points for each Wild Card Game)
Correct Number of Games: 3 points (Not Needed for WC Round)
Top Round Leaders in Each Category (Total Bases, Walks+Hits, Strikeouts, Relief IP): 5 points each

DEADLINES (12PM each round)

Wild Card: Tuesday, October 2
LDS: Thursday, October 4
LCS: Friday, October 12
World Series: Tuesday, Octboer 23

For the stat categories, if there is a tie between two players, each will get 2.5 points. If there is a tie between 3 or more players, each correct guess will get 1.5 points.

A spreadsheet will follow with all picks after the deadline. Please verify all your picks for accuracy, as you will have until the start of the first game of the round to find any errors. After that, the spreadsheet becomes final and all picks, regardless of error, are final.

The highest scores will claim the top places and prizes. If there is a tie, all pirze money will be split evenly. There are no tiebreakers.

E-mail pinnaclesurvivor@gmail.com if interested