What a garbage card. The one title fight isn't really even a title fight it's so uninteresting. If this sells 100,000 I would be shocked.

Also, anyone else sick of womens MMA now? I was against it originally. Then it seemed different. Entertaining. A think it only gets worse. As it gets further along you are gonna see it dominated by lesbians and manly looking dude women. Try selling that. It defeats the purpose. We already got dudes fighting. They made a whole division for Cyborg and now she wants to leave when there isn't even a roster.lol. I didn't want that division. Should have made a 105 where you might actually see some fighters who look like women.Nunes which nobody seems to like wants out soon. Who is in that division anyone cares about? There has only been one women anyone cared about. Now you got 125 division which is just women moving up from 125 and down from 135. Don't care. And this is your title fight? As if Montano wasn't average enough. I know, people will say no one cared about the smaller divisions when they first started in the UFC. I don't thnk this is the same. With women you won't see such a vast improvement in talent