This Tuesday, Judge Francisco Quesada ruled that labor strike sustained for over a month by members of the Ministry of Public Education (MEP), illegal, considering that the movement was not carried out in a peaceful manner.
The labor unions will have three days to appeal once they have been legally notified and after the appeal is presented the labor court will have another five days to dictate a final sentence. If the courts maintain their ruling that the strike is indeed illegal, teachers and other striking employees will have 24 hours to return to their jobs or risk getting fired; at this point the Ministry of Education can begin the process to recover the salaries that were paid during the strike.
According to Minister of Education, Edgar Mora, the amount paid in salaries adds up to over $152 million, “This is a very high amount that must be recovered by the State”, commented Mora, who also stated that the deductions will be applied as it corresponds by law, since not doing so would cover of “immunity and impunity” the expenses paid during this month in salaries.

MEP has informed that 52% of public schools have been closed since September 10 due to the strike, while in the remaining 48% have been affected partially.
Minister Mora called on all personnel to return to their jobs and consider the well-being of the students, however, some labor unions already stated their position of not returning until the sentence is firm, while others affirmed they will be holding a meeting today and make their decisions then.
The strike has caused students to lose one month of classes, time impossible to recover, and forced the “bachillerato” tests for students in the last year to be rescheduled.