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    Hey all. New to the forum and had a couple questions.

    Who are some good guys to follow? I see people post a lot of dif cappers picks, but who is a solid person to fade/follow?

    Does anyone typically post ThePhillyGodfather's picks? I've done some reading and he seems to be pretty accurate.

    Thanks and hello again
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    lot of great guys to follow but in baseball BZ has had an incredibly consistent year with winners. MG man has had a great run through the playoffs as well as barnzy being solid cappers with great insight.

    look for some of the vets in football who have been around long enough and keep an accurate record
    LSU pete, big cat, and mistaflava are solid just to name a few. those are some personal favs but all depends. mistaflava has writeups with his plays which i enjoy and always helps with deciding on a game. if you enjoy writeups and reasoning to a play i would advise to read his posts.

    i like to check bookiereport for both college and pro football. unable to verify him personally but he is a bookie that takes a good amount of action and can provide some insight as to where the public money is coming from on his end. his monster plays and super monster plays have been good especially in the last few weeks. he also takes action from a totals guy who is very good as well and usually has some nice winners on totals.

    overall there are a ton of really insightful gamblers but for your own benefit only follow with someone with a posted verified record....a lot of people will come in and start a thread with "hit 9 in a row and now on..." which nobody can verify.

    i find basketball to be the most unwatchable sport now so finding someone to follow going into the start of that season isnt something i can advise on. BOL and welcome to the forum
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