NBA Survivor Rules

The contest begins Friday, November 2. Signups will be accepted until Friday at Noon.

Entry: $30 per entry. 3 for $75.

You must pick one team to win their first game of the weekend (Friday-Sunday). You cannot pick the same team twice through the duration of the contest.


For the first 4 weeks of the contest, you can buyback after a loss, The buyback schedule is as follows: -After Week 1: $30
After Week 2: $40
After Week 3: $60
After Week 4: $75

Buybacks are not required but if you do buyback, the fee must be received before the weekend games begin, otherwise the entry will be removed from the contest. If you buyback, that losing team cannot be used for the remainder of the contest.


All picks are due Friday at Noon ET. An e-mail will follow with a spreadsheet of all picks. Picks may be accepted after the deadline, but once the spreadsheet is released, no further late picks will be accepted. Since it’s unknown exactly when that time will be, it’s advised to get your picks in as early as possible, as you can always change your pick prior to the deadline. You must verify your picks on the spreadsheet for any errors. If the error is my fault, I will correct it prior to the games starting. Once the first game of the weekend begins, the spreadsheet becomes final and all errors that may exist will stand, regardless of who made it.

If at any point after the buyback period there is a sole survivor, that entry will be deemed the winner of the contest. If all entries are eliminated in a given week, then the contest continues to the next week with all those previous week’s entries staying alive in the contest.

There will be no weekend games during the NBA All-Star Break, however for the contest (which would be Week 16), we will use the Wednesday-Thursday games for the contest. When we are narrowed down to a few entries, splits can be proposed and will be accommodated for provided there is a unanimous agreement on the deal.

No administrative fees are taken out of the prize pool whatsoever. 100% of the prize is distributed to the winner(s) at the conclusion of the contest.

Please leave all memo notes blank when sending entries. If you mention Survivor or basketball, your entry will be returned to you.

IF INTERESTED: Reply here or more effectively, e-mail