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Thread: Week 9 #ís

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    Ended week with a win so on the upswing leading into week 10. Not much you can do when chart throws bad teams out to you. At least some of week 9 outcomes will help produce winners in the upcoming weeks as the numbers lock in to who each team really is.

    I did numbers for week 10 and saw 4 games that grade out >2 over .500. If I didnít screw anything up the First game up would be Pitt as a home fav of 1 which is 3-1 ytd.

    Iím sure game will post the numbers over wknd so I can see if I got it right this time.

    Best of luck this week.
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    Week 10 :
    AwayTeam HomeTeam Rating W/L Table
    Panthers Steelers HF 1 LWWW
    Lions Bears HF6 LLWLLWW
    Saints Bengals AF10 WPW
    Falcons Browns AF7 LL
    Redskins Buccaneers HF5 WLLLL
    Cardinals Chiefs HF20 n/a
    Jaguars Colts PK W
    Cowboys Eagles HF5 WLLLL
    Bills Jets HF8 LW
    Dolphins Packers HF5 WLLLL
    Chargers Raiders AF18 n/a
    Seahawks Rams HF4 LWW
    Patriots Titans AF6 WWWW
    Giants Fortyniners HF2 WLWLLW

    Can anyone verify if this table is correct ?

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    AwayTeam HomeTeam Rating W/L Table Play On
    Panthers Steelers HF 1 LWWW Steelers
    Lions Bears HF6 LLWLLWW No play
    Saints Bengals AF10 WPW Saints
    Falcons Browns AF7 LL Browns
    Redskins Buccaneers HF5 WLLLL Redskins
    Cardinals Chiefs HF20 n/a No play
    Jaguars Colts PK W Colts if -3
    Cowboys Eagles HF5 WLLLL Cowboys
    Bills Jets HF8 LW No play
    Dolphins Packers HF5 WLLLL Dolphins
    Chargers Raiders AF18 n/a No play
    Seahawks Rams HF4 LWW Rams
    Patriots Titans AF6 WWWW Patriots
    Giants Fortyniners HF2 WLWLLW No play
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    Be up shortly....but just in case it gets tight, Pittsburgh is a play tonight.

    In a bit....

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