U.S. citizen, Andrew Roy Willis, was charged with homicide back on September 28, 2017 in Costa Rica and initially received four months of preventive detention while the case was being investigated.
Costa Rican authorities have extended the preventive imprisonment for Willis several times, and he just received another three months in detention as the only suspect in the murder of his sentimental partner, Melania Calvo Víquez, age 33, and who was discovered buried in the property the couple lived in the southern Costa Rican town of Pérez Zeledón.

The buried body was found accidentally on September 26 by a worker who saw a foot sticking out of the ground, he immediately alerted the authorities
When the police searched the house they found firearms. Apparently, some neighbors testified that the woman had suffered domestic violence in the past.
According to a statement given by Walter Espinoza, director of the judicial investigative police (OIJ), back in 2017, the forensic experts spent hours excavating the body which was in an advanced state of decomposition.